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July 25, 2019 0

Tight deadlines mean less freedom for creatives, less freedom for creatives means less frequent content on social media feeds. This presents a big issue for brands and influencers, especially those who operate on a smaller scale and rely on re-engaging users with already previously existing content.

Creating new content is a hard and arduous process which for some can take a prolonged period of time to pull of correctly and start seeing engagement. For some creating new content, or specifically campaigns, can take weeks or months of preparation time, planning and a high level of resources.

After analysing some of our biggest clients’ presence on Instagram we have noted that 43% of all notable engagement comes from new users via either the URL in their Instagram profile or via the shopping options presented in a specific Instagram post.

This is why we are launching ‘Instgr.am’ – a simple web application which will allow brands and influencers to track statistics via either Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or Bit.ly integration(s)*.

In addition, users will be able to schedule when certain URL’s go live and for what period of time, as well as the ability to add custom backgrounds, colour schemes and flexibility when it comes to customizing the overall look and feel of their profile. Artists and authors will also be able to showcase their creative flair via linking videos and music directly on the Web App to directly and quickly engage with their audience.

Visit https://instgr.am to register your free account today.

*Features available only to Pro account holders.